Click4Time Expands Its Business Builder Modules For Scheduling And Online Appointment Booking

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CLICK4TIME EXPANDS ITS BUSINESS BUILDER MODULES FOR E-SCHEDULING AND APPOINTMENT BOOKING VANCOUVER, B.C. - In 2013, Click4Time was recognized as a leader in the online appointment and resource booking industry as the winner of 4 Canada Health Infoway"s awards, totalling $73,500 in winnings. Click4Time has released the following new features to version 4.0.1 of their e-Scheduling software: Referral Network Builder - Personal referrals is one of the best ways to reach new clients. When someone tells you about a good experience that they had, you naturally want to enjoy that same experience. The Referral Network Builder lets you reciprocate new referrals and reward the friends, clients or associates that bring you new business. Stand Alone-Resources. A Function has been added to allow for the scheduling and booking of services assigned to equipment or devices, as opposed to services being performed by a service provider. This functionality is ideal for businesses that offer services such as, but not limited to, infrared saunas, tanning, float tanks, compression chambers, etc. Online Payments of Invoices.. If you would like to allow clients to pay an invoice online, enter your PayPal link in the system. When you email an invoice, a link will allow your clients to pay with their PayPal account or credit card. Clients do not need a PayPal account to pay with their credit card through Paypal. Client Calendar Syncing. The client Confirmation, Reminder and Changed emails have been updated to include links to sync the appointment details to personal calendars. We have also added a link to Change/Cancel an appointment. Custom Booking Fields. You can define an unlimited number of custom booking fields to collect specific information when an appointment is booked. These fields are now displayed in the booking window when creating appointments in your company calendar. Guest Booking Option. Allows you to enable or disable the requirement for clients to login before booking appointments. If you set it to not require logging in, clients will be able to choose to book as a Guest or a Registered User. This functionality will allow clients to skip the registration process and immediately book an appointment online. Guest Clients will still be required to provide an email address, name, along with any Client Booking Fields. Clients who want to sync to their personal calendar, manage their appointments, print receipts or submit testimonials, will need to become registered users. "When we signed up for Click4Time, the phone stopped ringing 50 times a day with clients wanting to make an appointment or change an appointment. It was truly a God-sent !!" S. Gross, Vancouver For more information on Click4Time"s Business Building system, please contact Geoff Spooner at 1-604-210-1039 ext 503 or 1-877-425-4254 ext 503 or email You can signup for Free or learn more at