JavaScript Web Development Framework by ShieldUI - Latest Release

Presseveröffentlichung: JavaScript Framework Shield UI

Publisher: Shield UI Ltd

ShieldUI, which specializes in developing fast and customizable web components, has been actively enriching their component set. Over the past quarter, the company has added over 8 new widgets, as well as numerous improvements in the main products - the JavaScript chart and grid. The new components, which were rolled out since the summer include – Menu and Context Menu, Splitter, Switch and Tag Cloud Widgets, as well as Tree Map and Color Picker. The widgets are offered both as jQuery plugins for pure JavaScript experience, or as wrappers for ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and JAVA Wicket. These components come as an addition of an already rich component Suite of over 75 widget types. The JavaScript Charting widget, as well as the JavaScript Grid control are among the largest components. The chart itself is a lightweight data visualization tool, which includes over 25 charting types. The JavaScript grid, is another widely used tool for rendering data in table form with support for all types of vital data operations, such as filtering, sorting, editing and templating. The latest quarter also brings another important enhancement to Suite. ShieldUI now provides the ability to export data in two wide-spread Excel file formats - XML and XLSX, which are very flexible and fully-compatible with other spreadsheet software like Apache Open Office, Star Office and etc. The generation of the file content is done solely in the client web browser, without any dependencies on the server-side. By using another recent addition - the file save-as functionality, the ShieldUI framework also delivers the file on the users" local devices, where they can be processed further. The exporting functionality is built-in in the ShieldUI Grid component, which makes it very easy to be enabled. Using just configuration options, developers can set up the spreadsheet header, the data source to be used for retrieving the rows, individual column options, and etc. For complex scenarios, there are several commands that can be overridden, where custom settings for the general as well specific rows and columns, can be specified. The company continues to invest heavily in enhancing the products, adding new features and whole widgets. Its main goal is to provide the ultimate toolset for developers, which is fast, flexible, easy to use and customizable.